Commission done

Olow and Diana

I was asked to make a portrait of the most lovely and beautiful couple I know, of course I said yes! Here’s the final result! Painted with oils on A4 size canvas paper. Then printed and mounted in a brooch with stass.

3 Jan, 2019

Preorder prints?

Yggdrasil Dystopia

I’m gonna make ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Yggdrasil’ as fine art prints in a large format, about 60 cm large. Who is interested in preordering?
Signed and in limited edition! They would be priced 110 USD, plus shipping.
26 Nov, 2018

Memento Tea Collective – End of an era

I thank you note from me and Stefania Russo, the founders of Memento Tea:

Thank You! This is the end of an era… But, we cordially invite you to do not leave Memento Tea.
As the Phoenix, we trust something new will born from the ashes. Never stop to dreams.

The Memento Tea Collective’s Crew are gladly Thankful for your support, for your passion and for adopting their artworks!
We hope you had fun and enjoyed our auctions and project. Memento Tea was a little dream, but thanks to your trust and following, it became reality. If the Collective was born, it’s all your merit… And for our Artists, too, that have work hard for being you into a new delicious way to enjoy the Surreal Dark World!

To Viewers, Curious, Collectors, Artists and to You.
~ Memento Tea Collective ~

18 Nov, 2018