Past Exhibitions

Art exhibition in Deje

Dejliga Tassar, Korsvägen 5, SE-669 31 Deje, Sverige
28 – 29 Aug 2021

During the weekend the artists Sandra Hultsved, Johanna Lehman & My Johansson exhibit their work in central Deje.

Tiny Terrors 3

The annual miniature works group show is back “with a vengeance!”
For a preview of the works shoot us (the gallery) a dm to be added to the distribution list.
Virtual Exhibition launching next week.
Facebook Live Reception June 6th at 7pm.

What: Tiny Terrors 3, with a vengeance!
Where: The Dark Art Emporium
When: 6 Jun, 2020

Flyer art by @thepenrider


“Thicket” features artwork based around obscure fairytales and fairytale creatures. Before Catholicism was imposed on many European countries, fairytales were how people would warn of possible dangers lurking in the vast uncharted woods.

What: T H I C K E T
Where: Crucible Gallery (Online)
When: 3 May, 2019
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Danse Macabre – Grand Opening Show

Into the Afterlife’s journey fully immersed in songs, dances and congratulations for the final farewell. A superstitions ritual, born from mysterious and playful minds, during the baleful period of the Black Death.

Memento Tea’s Grand Opening will serve you its main dish: the Death.

Visit gallery here!


Nov 2018 – Dec 2019

Tainted Sprawl

Avgrunden at Subkult - Trollhättan, Sweden
15 – 21 Jun 2018


Gallery Femtopia, Stockholm
19 Nov – 19 Dec 2014

Immagine e Lucet

Galleria d‘arte Merlino, Florence, Italy
01 – 13 Dec 2014

Ateljé Dataspel

National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm
21 Feb 2015