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Sandra Hultsved is an artist born 1989 in the deep forests of Sweden. She started to create art to escape the dark reality – a world in decay and of loneliness. Like a form of therapy, the artworks convey thoughts and subconscious feelings that she could not express in any other way. After years of battling with her own thoughts and depression, she captures the tragedy and melancholy in a beautiful way.

Sandra is self-taught mainly using graphite pencils, ink and oils. Her style can be described as imaginative-realism. With influences from both the old master’s classical techniques, modern dark artists, as well as her own imagination and experimentation with mediums. Nature – particularly the forests of Värmland, where she lives, is a huge source of inspiration. The forest is her safe haven to which she can flee to endure a little bit longer. The same goes for her art.