The ghost of Ofelia

The ghost of Ofelia

Oil on canvas, 2012

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Ophelia in Hamlet, but as always with my own interpretation. She first came to me in a dream where I saw her with a pendant in her hand, saying “I’m Ofelia”, then I woke up. Now several years later I finally completed the idea and with a story to it, please read it below.

“She came towards me up from the water, as I stood under the willow tree near the broke. The branches were heavy with leaves that blew in the wind and they veiled my sight from her. It was not until she had come closer under the willows branches, that I could see her face and eyes. I shivered as I met her stare, because her eyes was doll like and cold, yet with a fragile and melancholy look. I was immediately captured by her look and although she frightened me, I was fond of her beauty. Her skin was pale and her red hair was wet and tangled, but with natural waves. On her head she had a garland of flowers and the colors of the flowers looked vibrant towards her otherwise so pale look and long white dress.
–“I’m Ofelia”, she said with a delicate voice, when she stood right in front of me. Then she lift up her hand towards the neck and showed me the pendant that she carried around her neck. There was an image in the middle that portrayed a man.
–“This is my love”, she said looking down at the pendant sorrowfully.
–“Although he was the one putting me down here...”, she paused. I stood there silently waiting for her to continue. Then she looked up at me again, with a gaze so deep and dark, I could not move or say a word. It was like my whole body had numbed. But I could feel her pain through her eyes.
–“Please help me”, she said with an even more fragile voice than before. Then it was like she was drawn back to the broke, into the water again. I followed to the edge of the bank and saw as her white dress disappeared drowning into the dark muddy water.