Love escape

Love escape
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Graphite pencils, ink pen & some red ink, 2012

“Once upon a time there was a little girl, she had a big warm heart and was liked by everyone. But there was something about her people did not know, she was afraid to fall in love. Every time someone came her too close, she would run away. Too scared of being hurt, she thought that was the best thing to do.

Years past by, while flowers fade, leaves fall and snow melts. Suddenly one early spring day she found her prince. She fell in love with him. She could not help it. Never the less she was too scared to show him how she really felt. Every time he came around, she felt very shy and wanted to hide. All these sparkling feelings inside of her, that no one will ever know and she will never show, how much she adored him.

In misery and love she now lived and decided to get rid of all these feelings inside. Because she knew that she would only get hurt in the end anyway. She ran away, ran to the forest behind the Twilight-mountains. And beneath a big old tree she fell down in tears. 
She mourned the love she will never have. If only she had seen all the keen glances he had given her. She regretted the feelings she had for him. Why could she not understand he was feeling the same way. She is heart broken, because she feared of being hurt. But what she did not know was, that he would never hurt her.

’One cut and it will not hurt anymore.
One cut and I will not feel anymore.
One cut and it will all be over…’
She cut out her heart and buried it in the ground under a stone beneath the tree.
’Now I can not get hurt anymore.’

The end.



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