Beaktande en ros

Beaktande en ros
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Ink, graphite pencils & blood, 2014. SOLD
Done for “Fittkonst STHLM” exhibition in Stockholm.

This has many different point of views for me. The background is that I wanted to express the relation I have to my body as a woman and cuntcarrier; I like my body, but at the same time I am insecure about it. Because all the time we are fed by the media and society a norm of how we should look like. And that grows a shame around our bodies, especially I think as a non-male. There’s so much taboo around the pussy, that still lives on. Which makes me more ashamed of my body instead of appreciating it for what it is.
So for this image I wanted to lift up the importance of looking at your own body, see it for what it is and not through someone else’s eyes. Appreciate it, listen to it and get to know it. That’s what the title means to me, but I couldn’t find a very good translation.



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