#ThrowBackThursday -Isolate
October 23rd, 2014 | Other

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It’s Throwback Thursday and today I will throwback to February 2012. This is ‘Isolate’, painted with black, red and a bit of white ink. This is one of my first ink paintings and by that time I had started to realize how much I loved working with ink. As in many of my artworks I want to capture an emotion and this truly is one of those that gets under my skin. I don’t want to get too personal, even though this piece is that for me. I went through a very tough time with a lot of feelings and broken hearts, that’s when I felt I just want to isolate my heart. Protect it from my feelings, cause they will only make me hurt. That’s how the idea developed in my head and later I started experimenting with red ink and learned how to get the bloody effect that I wanted. I used some kind of medical illustration as reference to the heart and a photo of a glass sphere, otherwise I worked from my own imagination. I wrote a poem to it as well to capture what I felt at that moment.

Is there any work that you would like to see for next weeks TBT?

Untitled -WIP
October 20th, 2014 | Work in progress

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This artwork is taking a lot longer than I first expected it to. But I always want to do my best and I just loove drawing the small details. So here’s an other work in progress. It’s going to be exhibited in Stockholm, but more about that later!

#ThrowBackThursday -Love escape
October 16th, 2014 | Other

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Yey, it’s #ThrowBackThursday again! 

This is ’Love escape’, done 2012 with graphite pencils, ink pen and red ink for details. It has a long background story which I will now tell you. And no, I’m not referring to the story I wrote to the work, that one you can read on my website. It begun as early as in 2008, my final year in high school, in art class. We were going to paint in oils and I chose to do a big painting, 100x70cm, inspired by the renaissance masters. Although I had almost never worked with oils before, especially not this big. Anyway, that did not seem to frighten me at that time, I was thinking big and went all in. I planned the concept carefully and I also developed a story to it that I wrote down. I’m still very fond of that story, which is the main reason for why I then 4 years later, wanted to redo the artwork. This time in a new style that I had just started developing. Also because I never felt quite finished with that big oil painting. Every time I see it, I see the details I never got to paint. Now the story got a new life again and I hope that you will enjoy it!

Well that is my background story to ’Love escape’, and if you have any questions about this work or wanna tell me what you think, I’d be glad to hear!

'The White Lady' merch
October 12th, 2014 | New products

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‘The White Lady’ is now available as more than just art print in my online shops! The pictures above is from my Society6 shop

#ThrowBackThursday -Delirium
October 9th, 2014 | Other

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This is my second #ThrowBackThursday so why not follow up with the second piece in my Grimm inspired fairytale series. This is ‘Delirium’ and the story about how she was created: One morning of spring while I was eating my breakfast, I started wondering what Grimm story I could do next and that would have the same kind of psychological twist as in my ‘Paranoia’ artwork. As I was pondering ideas with my love, it came down like a lightning from an open sky. I should do my take on Snow White and she will be playing in the woods with her imaginary dwarf friends. It was a challenge for me to draw and I did a lot of sketches on how to design the dwarf-like rocks and stumps, but it was a lot of fun. I especially like the evil queen in the background. Have you too imagined out where the seven dwarfs and the evil queen is yet? After this one I wanted to do more on the same concept and I had some ideas, but they never got further than some sketches. This artwork has also been in a contest, GrimGloomTale’s “Insanity Contest” and caught 3rd place. It also seems to be among my most popular artworks to have as a print. And I just want to hint about that I will have a giveaway on this print very soon!;)

That was my story about ‘Delirium’, and if you have any questions about this work or wanna tell me what you think, I’d be glad to hear!


Quick sketch of two crows
October 7th, 2014 | Sketches

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With ink pen.

#ThrowBackThursday -Paranoia
October 2nd, 2014 | Other

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Now this will be a first for me. Lets do a #ThrowBackThursday!

This is ‘Paranoia’ done in 2011, with graphite pencils and ink pen. This is what I consider my “first work” in my new found self and style. How I got there is a long story, so that will be an other time;) (or you can read it in my bio on my website). Anyway, after so many years I can still say I really like this work and feel a personal connection to it. Even though it actually started out as a work for Zindy’s “Red Riding Hood"-contest, which btw got first prize. Now looking at it, I think that I might have been able to capture something deeper within it that I can relate to. And not only that people think she looks like me with that long red hair. My original idea was to put a twist to this famous story, and imply that she might only be paranoid. There is no wolf to be scared of...or is there. This work was also the first one I made as print. I printed them myself on a matte photo paper in school on a UV-printer, it looks really good I wish I could show you! But there’s still a few ones left in my Etsy shop!

Well, that’s my story about ‘Paranoia’, I’m sure there’s a lot more to say, but don’t wanna bore you. But if you have any questions about this work? Or wanna tell me what you think, I’d be glad to hear!