Summary of Art 2016
December 31st, 2016 | Other

It looks like I’ve been very productive this year, which feels awesome, I don’t even know how I found the time for it, because this year has been so stressful at work and my depression made me very unproductive at times. But overall I finally found my strength to fight back, thanks to therapy and medication. Now I’m taking big leaps towards my dream in life. To focus on my art, move out to the forest in a beautiful house with a big garden. I feel very lucky and very happy that I managed to come this far from it all.
I’m sure many exciting new things will come in 2017. I hope they will for you too!

Now let’s have a little look back at my art year, in total I created 24 pieces of art, not all of them are in my gallery though. 
Which one was your favorite?

January: You still haunt my mind Dedicated to a friend who still means so much to me, but I wish I could move on cause you don’t deserve me.

February: I can not escape my winter storm Done for Femme Thou Art Collective, inspired by Frozen.

Mars: Ghost I wanted to get better with oils, so I practice with this with my newly found technique.

April: Sweet berries …and then I continued practicing colors on this, it was a real joy.

May: Forest nymph Something from my fairytale world.

June: Midsummer nights dream I made this tiny piece as a giveaway on my Instagram.

July: Children of the rainbow After the Orlando shootings…

August: Death Masque On a happier note, on Sep 1, me and Stefania Russo started our art collective Memento Tea Art, I couldn’t be happier! And we’re on to new exciting things for next year!

September: Taste of poison This would be my proudest moment of the year, I managed to put together a solo exhibition online, with this piece that is my favorite so far. Also she just got adopted this week, yey!

October: Sjöjungfrun Done for La Bodega Gallery, such a joy to be a part of their mermaid show!

November: Deer girl I love dears!

December: The Reaper The last piece of the year is an other one for Memento Tea Art Collective.

Happy New Year everyone!!
Thank you for all the support it means the world, I really mean it!

2006 vs 2016
December 23rd, 2016 | Other

I always like looking back this time of the year, to see what I have accomplished. But why not look back 10 years? 

To the left you see my Gerard Way portrait that I did in July 2006, I became a big fan of My Chemical Romance that year and people asked me to draw him, so I did. I drew mainly celeb portraits in graphite then, and I remember I made a big improvement in my realistic drawing that year and in the year before. It’s my most faved artwork on Deviantart still to this day... 

To the right is my Taste of poison, done in September this year for my online exhibition. This work is my personal favorite to this point.

Studio sale!
December 21st, 2016 | Offers

Today is my birthday and I’m feeling extra generous, therefor I felt like having my very first STUDIO SALE! ALL original artworks in my shop have a 30% discount! Don’t miss out, the sale will continue until Dec 26!

Untamed Fauna at Alexi Era Gallery
December 12th, 2016 | Exhibitions

Here’s my artwork for Alexi Era Gallery’s “Untamed Fauna” fundraising show! Where 100% of the proceeds go to Wild Life Concervation Society. You get beautiful art and the animals a safe life!

Auction Begins: Dec 16th Noon PST 
Bidding Ends: Dec 18th Noon PST
Go to the auction HERE!

The Reaper
December 10th, 2016 | New artworks

The Reaper

Oils & acrylic on canvas paper.
Original available at Memento Tea Art Collective’s auction “Golden Scythe”, 10–15 December.

Go to auction HERE.

Featured in VOLITION Magazine
December 9th, 2016 | Publications

My artworks are being featured in VOLITION Magazine issue 6. To see the whole feature you can buy the issue here!

WIP - Memento Tea
December 6th, 2016 | Work in progress

Working on my piece for the Memento Tea art Collectives’s next art auction, starting Dec 10th.
Experimented a bit with the background, think it turned out real cool.


I’m gonna try and fix the hand and arm that is just not looking right. Working with black and white oils at the moment.