Art Monsters Sweden
March 8th, 2018 | Other

Vill tipsa er alla mörka varelser som gillar konst, om ett nystartat konstkollektiv i Sverige tillägnat all typ av mörkare konst! Med flera framstående konstnärer i Sverige, där jag själv är en del. Ta gärna en titt Art Monsters of Sweden och följ på Facebook eller Instagram.

To all of you dark creatures out there who enjoys art, I’d like to tip about a new art collective in Sweden. Dedicated to all kinds of dark art! With many eminent artists in Sweden, I’m one of the artists. Please have a look Art Monsters of Sweden and follow on Facebook or Instagram.

Painting the first layers - Belldonna, Part 2
August 2nd, 2017 | Other

I just uploaded part 2 of my Belladonna video on my Youtube channel! How I start painting the first oil layer.

July 25th, 2017 | Other

Like I promised I will do a giveaway to celebrate that so many of you are here supporting me in my art! It means the world to me! Especially now when I’m dedicating my full time to my art.

Now this is how it works:
-Share your favorite artwork of mine in your Instagram feed (it needs to be public for me to see it).
-Tag me in @TheArtOfSandraHultsved and use #1kSandraHultsved
-The winner will get this original artwork “Awaiting” done in ink and graphite pencils. 
-On July 30th I will draw the lucky one!

How to prepare a canvas - Belladonna, Part 1
July 23rd, 2017 | Other

I just uploaded a video on my Youtube channel!
On how I prepare my canvas before start painting with oils. How to stretch the canvas, transfer the sketch and to gesso. Let me know what you think!

A new home
June 18th, 2017 | Other

These babies of mine are now going to a new home, I could not be happier!

78 Tarot Astral Kickstarter LIVE!
April 12th, 2017 | Other

The Kickstarter is now up and running! Check it out to find out about what this whole project is about and book your own copy of 78 Tarot Astral deck! It’s gonna be so awesome!

And above you can see my finished artwork for the Astral deck! And as you could guess, I got the card 6 of Swords. I was rather stunned how well the chosen card for me suited with what my life was right then. The card interpret: moving towards another place, leaving difficult times behind, which is just what I was going to do. Now I have moved in to our new home with a whole different lifestyle. The card can also be interpreted as: It may not feel like you are moving forward, but you are, things will get better even though you can’t see it right now. I had a very difficult time dealing with depression then and didn’t quite know what to do to make it better. But at last I collected my courage to quit my job and move. That’s just what I needed. Therefore I could very much relate to this card. I pictured her float in water toward a bright supernova, symbolizing that recovery and travel. She is passively floating with the water stream, towards a brighter future, leaving the dark to the pass, she may not realize it yet, but she is moving forward.

-Back our Kickstarter here!-

Summary of Art 2016
December 31st, 2016 | Other

It looks like I’ve been very productive this year, which feels awesome, I don’t even know how I found the time for it, because this year has been so stressful at work and my depression made me very unproductive at times. But overall I finally found my strength to fight back, thanks to therapy and medication. Now I’m taking big leaps towards my dream in life. To focus on my art, move out to the forest in a beautiful house with a big garden. I feel very lucky and very happy that I managed to come this far from it all.
I’m sure many exciting new things will come in 2017. I hope they will for you too!

Now let’s have a little look back at my art year, in total I created 24 pieces of art, not all of them are in my gallery though. 
Which one was your favorite?

January: You still haunt my mind Dedicated to a friend who still means so much to me, but I wish I could move on cause you don’t deserve me.

February: I can not escape my winter storm Done for Femme Thou Art Collective, inspired by Frozen.

Mars: Ghost I wanted to get better with oils, so I practice with this with my newly found technique.

April: Sweet berries …and then I continued practicing colors on this, it was a real joy.

May: Forest nymph Something from my fairytale world.

June: Midsummer nights dream I made this tiny piece as a giveaway on my Instagram.

July: Children of the rainbow After the Orlando shootings…

August: Death Masque On a happier note, on Sep 1, me and Stefania Russo started our art collective Memento Tea Art, I couldn’t be happier! And we’re on to new exciting things for next year!

September: Taste of poison This would be my proudest moment of the year, I managed to put together a solo exhibition online, with this piece that is my favorite so far. Also she just got adopted this week, yey!

October: Sjöjungfrun Done for La Bodega Gallery, such a joy to be a part of their mermaid show!

November: Deer girl I love dears!

December: The Reaper The last piece of the year is an other one for Memento Tea Art Collective.

Happy New Year everyone!!
Thank you for all the support it means the world, I really mean it!