May 11th, 2018 | New artworks

Oil painting, 19x23 cm, 2018.

Available at Memento Tea Art Collectives May auction, 10-15th May. Follow this link to get to the auction and make your bid.

May 4th, 2018 | New artworks

Oil painting, 20x25 cm in black oval frame, 2018.

Done for ‘Catharsis: The art of healing’ group show at Alexi Era Gallery, opening May 4th! To purchase please email the gallery:

It starts in the chest, the feeling of discomfort.
You try to breath it out, but it only grows bigger.
Your heart beats faster and your thoughts race.
The pain is gathering, like a thick black lump.
There’s no escape now, your whole chest is filling up.
The dark cloud in your heart is taking over.
Your chest, your throat, your mind, your body.
It gets stronger and more painful.
You start to hyperventilate.
Your heart hurts so much,
you think you are going to die.

Breath in. Breath out.


February 13th, 2018 | New artworks


Oil & acrylic painting on panel, 11x14 Inch, 2018.
Available at La Bodega Gallery ‘Venus’ show on March 10, in San Diego, USA.

To purchase please email the gallery:

I’m honored to be a part of this ALL WOMEN ART EXHIBITION in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Together with many other amazing female artists such as Brynn Elizabeth, Jel Ena, Linnea Strid, Simona Candini & Tanya Shatseva. Here’s the Facebook event. Hope you will join us!

December 17th, 2017 | New artworks

Graphite pencils & ink, size: 40x30 cm, 2017.

Done for Swoon Gallery’s show ’Get the lead out’, starting Dec 16! Contact the gallery for purchase!

Nature is watching
November 16th, 2017 | New artworks

My three pieces for Hudson Hughes Gallery show "Little Things That May Have Strings” opening Nov 18.
Oils on Thuja wood. Size approx. 100 mm in diameter. To purchase any of the pieces please contact the gallery!


Nature is watching


Wednesday Addams
October 23rd, 2017 | New artworks

Wednesday Addams
Oils on canvas paper, size 18x22 cm, 2017.

Available at Memento Tea Art Collective’s Oct auction, 20-25 Oct. Click here to go to the auction and make your bid.

The Reaper
October 11th, 2017 | New artworks

I Did a mini oil painting for #mabsdrawlloweenclub hope to make more! Size:9,5x11,5cm. Original available, just contact me.