Exhibition - Gamla Kraftstationen
May 16th, 2017 | Exhibitions

Here’s some photos from my exhibition at Gamla Kraftstationen in Deje, Sweden. I gathered some of my nordic myth inspired pieces and also did an experiment with painting on wood. All pieces are for sale, just contact me, or find them in my shop!

Exhibition - Gamla Kraftstationen
May 10th, 2017 | Exhibitions

Tomorrow you can see this new work of mine and many more at Gamla Kraftstationen in Deje, May 11-21th. I’ll be there this Saturday, so please come and join me there!

When: 11–21 May, 2017
Where: Gamla Kraftstationen, Deje, Sweden

Opening hours: 11.00–17.00, Thursday to Sunday

Imorgon kan ni se detta nya verk av mig och många fler på Gamla Kraftstationen i Deje, 11-21 maj hänger de uppe. Själv tänker jag befinna mig på plats under lördagen, så kom gärna förbi och häng med mig där!

Untamed Fauna at Alexi Era Gallery
December 12th, 2016 | Exhibitions

Here’s my artwork for Alexi Era Gallery’s “Untamed Fauna” fundraising show! Where 100% of the proceeds go to Wild Life Concervation Society. You get beautiful art and the animals a safe life!

Auction Begins: Dec 16th Noon PST 
Bidding Ends: Dec 18th Noon PST
Go to the auction HERE!

Mythical Mermaids Art Show
October 5th, 2016 | Exhibitions

On display tonight (Oct 5th) at La Bodega Gallery Mythical Mermaids Art Show! ONE NIGHT ONLY, 6pm–11pm PDT Free / All Ages. So if you’re in the San Diego area feel free to stop by and view all the amazing artworks including mine!

Mixed media, 18x18 cm, framed.

Now available in my shop!

Poisonous Flowers - The End
September 26th, 2016 | Exhibitions

I hope that you enjoyed my online exhibition ‘Poisonous Flowers‘! It’s been a pleasure for me to show it to you, I’m very flattered and thankful for the great response, Thank you!

Thank you also so much for the preorders of my artworks, the prints has now been ordered and is on its way to me for signing and numbering. I did order a few more prints than needed, so if you want one but didn’t preorder, you will get a chance to buy them in my shop soon after they have arrived to me.

Also there’s still original artworks available too!

<3 <3 <3


Poisonous Flowers - online exhibition
September 9th, 2016 | Exhibitions

My Poisonous Flowers online exhibition is now LIVE!

Welcome! *opening the doors*
I’m very excited to share with you these artworks, many for the very first time. After three years since the first portrait began, I’ve now managed to put all together into the exhibition I’ve always had in my mind.

Visit exhibition here:

Poisonous Flowers - Online Solo Exhibition
September 4th, 2016 | Exhibitions

You are invited to my online exhibition
‘Poisonous Flowers’, September 10th–24th. 

Join Facebook event here!

My idea that lead to this exhibition started with the portrait of the Deadly Nightshade-flower, depicted being held by the girl in the portrait. Where the poisonous flower is a metaphor for love, how it weights between being the most beautiful thing in the world and of being the most painful thing. Sometimes it can feel like you love someone so much, that the love itself could poison you, maybe even to death.

The artworks will also show a deeper insight of the psyche, how one’s own mind and feelings could drive you so far towards the edge, when it comes to love, but also in life itself. This exhibition is my inner thoughts and feelings about love and life.

Original artworks will be available for purchase, as well as fine art limited edition prints. Feel free too share this blog post. Also invite yourself and your friends to the Facebook event! I will share sneak peeks, work in progress and other info there to keep you updated.

When the time has come,
please follow this link to enter:


Hope to see you there!